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ABOUT ALEXANDRA LOVE (written by her, reluctantly):

Hiii I'm Alexandra Love and I'm the creator and lead of Beautiful Chorus. I'm adopted. I grew up in Wisconsin and had the privilege of genuine and loving parents and family. I played the violin from a young age, until they couldn't accommodate my need for advancement. I was in gifted programs and advanced placement classes, and participated in a series of competitions called Odyssey of the Mind (OM). I learned a bit about visualization and meditation in early grade school, but didn't know that it would play such a huge part in my life later on. I gave my hair to the lord at 10 - Alopecia. Wigs in the 90s weren't as fly as I'm sure you're picturing. I went to college in Chicago for Film/Tv Directing + Editing, and worked odd hours at various jobs until moving to Orlando, FL. I moved to Orlando to be the Vocalist for a hip hop group called Solillaquists of Sound. We toured the world and I experimented with solo music. I initially created Beautiful Chorus for a one time performance. But after our first show we knew we wanted more. Singing together was really special, I booked tours for us and we played festivals and conferences. It went from 12 women initially to five women now and we've been going for over 13 years. The songs I write for Beautiful Chorus are meant to be frequency touchstones, for those looking to practice moving up the energetic scale. Most of the voices you hear, especially in most recent songs, are mine. The ladies and I are developing a new live experience and are excited to make these songs + meditations even more accessible, and give those in the virtual world an opportunity to experience the energy of BC as well. I love the process of this becoming and creation, and hope to inspire other neurogalactic creatives to embrace who they really are. It's what saves us. I've also been hosting a series of conversations called The Golden Thread, and will be hosting a podcast called Neurogalactic. I look forward to connecting with more like-spirits in conversation. Thank you so much for vibing w/ us ✨ 

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ABOUT Beautiful Chorus:

In 2011, Alexandra Love was inspired to assemble a 12-woman chorus to sing the harmonies she had written for her solo project, In Curses. She created a festival, The Festival of Light and Sound (April 2012), to debut this project and to bring Beautiful Chorus together for a one-time performance. The ladies practiced each week leading up to the album release. The festival was a huge success and after that night, Love decided to keep the project going. She booked tours for Beautiful Chorus around the country, hosted crystal singing bowl meditations w/ the ladies, lead vocal workshops and more. It was then that BC wrote + recorded songs, and have since become the most successful independent group of their kind. Fusing elements of electronic, choral, deep bass, hip hop and jazz, Beautiful Chorus is unlike any other. They have albums that span from wordless symphonies to full rhythmic songs, w/ sound healing frequencies and love-centered messages. They even have a wordless holiday album, a lullaby album, and a multitude of singable hymns and mantras. Beautiful Chorus is currently residing in Orlando, FL where they are developing a new live experience, hosting spiritual conversations, and preparing for their upcoming full album release, High Frequency Love Music, due out 7/26. Beautiful Chorus is currently made of Alexandra Love and four other members (Patty, Anisha, Yuki and Veronica). 

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