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Download the entire Beautiful Chorus discography here

The most recent videos by Beautiful Chorus and Brett de Vos here:

Recent Mantra-Medicine EPs






In Love




Mercury in Retrograde expresses the irreverent side of BC. Sometimes planets just aren't to blame. Sometimes planets just aren't to blame.

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I AM featuring India Arie.
This song is a devotion to the divine within us all.
What I seek, I have. What I wanna know, I understand. All I wish I could, I can. Who I wanna be, I am.


This lullaby album is for kids and adults alike. This album includes classics as well as new songs composed by Beautiful Chorus. A rhythmic and soothing soundtrack to deep sleep.


The debut solo album by BC leader, Alexandra Love and DiViNCi.
Love is at the Core is

a future soul sound with dynamic rhythm and harmonic elements.

Rhythmic Meditations is a seamless blend of deeply lyrical songs, poly-rhythmic drum blends, and divine harmonies. Perfect for in-the-car listening & days of celebration.

Hymns of Spirit captures the essence of ancient wisdom in these a cappella songs, fused with rich harmonies at a gentle pace.

The Beautiful Chorus Live album was recorded at the Timucua Arts White House in Orlando, FL and features songs by both Alexandra Love + Beautiful Chorus w/ DiViNCi on live accompaniment.

Earth Songs is a FREE album by Beautiful Chorus that features herbalist songs from around the globe. These songs are perfect for conferences and retreats while sitting around a bonfire.

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This holiday album is a soundscape of rich harmonies and wordless cascades. The perfect backdrop for your time of gathering, A Beautiful Christmas brings present moments together.


A journey through the chakras by Beautiful Chorus, Wheels of Light is comprised of seven 7-min mantras 

is a soulful, love-deepening appreciation for the magic of focus.

Resonance Meditation is a combination of wordless waves of harmony and the pure tones of crystal singing bowls. Climbing the pathway of the chakras, this album provides a total mind/body experience.

Mantras in Love is an album for those who enjoy a cappella mantras that can be used to guide the listener into thankful and meditative states of being.

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